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The vital force of the Serpent Cave

Ancient Greek historian Herodotus described in his writings the island of Khortytsia and the Dnieper rapids. According to Herodotus, the great Greek hero, Heracles, after the accomplishment of many his labours, came to the Black Sea steppe. One day, when Hercules was waiting out the bad weather, his horses disappeared somewhere. For a long time Hercules was looking for his horses, until he reached Khortytsia. Here, in the Serpent Cave, at the Upper Head cliff, he met Echidna.


Positively charged house

In the late 20s of the last century a grand building construction was developed on the territory of modern Zaporizhzhia. The plan of the Sixth settlement, which is often called Sotsmisto (the Residential area), was made in 1928. And a year later in the bare steppe they began to create “ a perfect socialist city".


Legend of the Historic Tree of Ukraine

Do you remember the well-known Repin’s picture "Letter from the Cossacks to the Sultan"? The plot of the picture was based on real historical events of 1676. The story of writing the letter is interesting itself. It was written by Ataman Ivan Sirko and his comrades in response to the ultimatum of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.


Silver Eagle

There is a famous Silver Eagle from the “Treasure of Voznesenivka" in the Regional Museum of Local Lore in Zaporizhzhia. The treasure was found during the construction of the Dniproges and the industrial complex near the Voznesenivka village. It was located between the current territories of the plant “Zaporizhstal” and the Welding Flux and Glass Factory of Zaporizhzhia.


The riches of the sacred oak

Our grandfathers told us that on the island of Khortytsia there were many old-fashioned oak giants, and among them was one that was distinguished by its power. The Cossacks called it "Sacred Red Oak". Its trunk was about 6 meters around and it was more than 500 years old.


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